This is my first attempt at writing, communicating and articulating in a thoughtful manner over the internet. My previous attempt was what I would consider a blunder mixed with lessons, which I will further explain later. Today’s attempt will be to introduce Charles Creations.

“What is Charles Creations?”, you might ask. Charles Creations is the platform through which I plan on communicating with those who are willing to listen.  Its objective is simple: to be something meaningful for you, the reader & listener, for my self, and, hopefully, for the whole world at large. Its goal is to turn chaos into order and shed light on certain things that are unknown to you and I. I would like to explore topics that could have a positive effect on our lives, whatever they may be. Charles Creations would be a success for me if even only one individual’s life is improved by what is created here.

Jordan B. Peterson, whom I’ve been a student of by listening to his lectures, podcasts as well as reading his book, has inspired me to write. He explains in his writing guide, available on his website, that there are no fundamental differences between writing and thinking, and that “the primary reason to write an essay is so that the writer can formulate and organize an informed, coherent and sophisticated set of ideas about something important”. What I personally find important are our own lives, how we carry it, what we accomplish here on earth, and my future writings will hopefully serve to improve it.

Here are some of the subjects I consider exploring & conquering. Please feel free to let me know what you think of them, or if there’s anything in particular that you would like me to cover.

  • Economics; as I pursue my undergraduate’s degree at Concordia University, B.A Specialization in Economics, I am realizing how so few of us understand simple concepts of economics. I believe that a fundamental and applicable understanding of economics could benefit all of us.
  • Posture; by creating a series inspired by the first rule of Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for life”: stand up straight with your shoulders back. Over the years of physical training and being conscious of my posture, I have developed some strategies that could help some of you stand up straight. The feeling of standing up straight is incredible.
  • Tomorrow’s New Thinkers: I’ve organized mastermind events here in Montréal with the intention of connecting & learning from others self-driven & motivated individuals. These events brought more success in my life than I could ever have imagined and it did the same for those who have attended. It’s probably the project that I am most proud of. I want to use Charles Creations as a platform to explore ideas on how to improve these events and promote them to those who might be interested.
  • Understanding Myself: Jordan Peterson’s personality assessment program. I was thinking about possibly doing a live stream on YouTube going through the program and analyzing its results.
  • Dropshipping & E-Commerce: there’s a huge demand for people who want to learn how to sell physical products online. I’ve done sold online products in the past, and it could be an interesting avenue to explore.
  • Lastly, anything that I deem worthy of exploring and conquering. They say that teaching is the best way to learn, which is fantastic because I love teaching and learning.

Now, something I would like to address is my online past, my mistakes and my virtues. I went online naively 2 years ago, or so, wanting to become a “guru” and screaming and shouting without thinking. Some part of me feels like there’s been some immense good there, but also huge blunders that deserve to be addressed.  I’ll start with the good and then explain the blunders. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went into unexplored territory. This was good, I learned about video editing, YouTube as a platform, connected with individuals I consider myself blessed to have connected with and much more. I think I was precocious. I did so much but didn’t take any time to synthesize until I hit a wall.

I was in ideologically possessed by many of the things that I thought would be helpful for me. I “believed” things that sounded good, and because I understood them abstractly I thought I had a right to them, but these ideas weren’t mine. I think it went further, and I believe that I presumed that they were me. I was spewing ideas found in books, courses or on YouTube that I couldn’t refute. I didn’t know that an irrefutable argument wasn’t necessarily true. It was in a large part a persona.

In the future, however, you can count on me to be more truthful and honest,  without a mask. Wearing that mask slowly brought me into the abyss of depression and was simply exhausting to wear at all times.
Thank you for reading.

Please stay tuned for the next piece of content.

Charles Lapointe